Rizal High School teacher presents in the 2017 World Association of Lesson Studies Conference

Mr. Ronald Lucasia presented their lesson study research titled Adapting Mathematical Discourse in Instruction Framework for Planning and Analyzing Research Lessons at the World Association of Lesson Studies (WALS) International Conference. The conference, with the theme Bridging Research and Practice through Lesson Study, was held in Nagoya, Japan on 24-27 November 2017. WALS is an international organization of researchers, educators and teachers that aims to promote and advance the research and practices focused on Lesson Studies in order to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

Mr. Ronald Lucasia, Dr. Erlina Ronda and Ms. Revie Santos

Mr. Lucasia’s research was done in collaboration with Mrs. Priscilla Tuazon, Grade 7 mathematics coordinator of Rizal High School, and with Dr. Erlina R Ronda of UP NISMED. Dr. Ronda introduced them to Mathematical Discourse in Instruction (MDI) Framework which is a framework for planning and analyzing the quality of mathematics lesson made available to learn in a lesson. The teachers applied the framework in their lesson study with Grade 7 teachers of their school. In the study, they sought to answer the questions (1) What is the quality of mathematics that we make available to learn in our research lessons?, and (2) Which aspect of the MDI framework is helpful and productive for us? The method involved analyzing previous versions of their research lesson on division of monomials using the framework. They used their findings to guide them in their development of the new version of the lesson. The new version was implemented and the teachers reflected on the result and use of the framework.

Rizal High School was the very first school that UP NISMED introduced to lesson study in 2006 until 2009. Mrs. Revie Santos, the mathematics department head, has been encouraging teachers to continue doing lesson study. Mr. Lucasia and Mrs. Tuazon’s group is one of the lesson study teams of the school. With support from Mrs. Santos, who also mentored Mr. Lucasia in the preparation of the presentation, the latter was able to successfully present their work in Nagoya University during the WALS conference. His presentation attracted many WALS participants.

WALS Opening Program

Mr. Lucasia has this to say about his experience:

An Indelible Experience in Nagoya, Japan

Lesson Study opened for me an avenue of opportunities. One of those was a rare opportunity to be a paper presenter in the WALS 2017 which was held at the Nagoya University in Japan. It was a memorable experience for me, together with my department head, as I got to know a lot of researchers and educators from the 35 countries that participated in the said conference. We got to see the LS showcase by some of the western and eastern countries who were also paper presenters. Also, we learned how they successfully adopted LS. This is my first time to share how we adapted the framework (Mathematics Discourse in Instruction, MDI) when we planned and analyzed our research lesson. I was very happy when some of the researchers in the audience asked questions after my presentation. I take that as a good sign that they are interested in the presentation specifically the MDI framework. The presentation went smoothly. I can even see then the facial reaction and expression of the audience, telling me that they agree to what I was saying most especially about the explanatory talk of the teachers being imitated by the students. That conference was, for me, a learning and an unforgettable experience as we witnessed how the Japanese people showcase their culture.

Apart from Rizal High School, teachers from Sta Lucia High School, also of Pasig City Schools Division also presented their Lesson Study research in Nagoya.


  • Ronald Lucasia

    Thank you PALS, this unforgettable experienced will definitely change my teaching style especially my explanatory talk as the focus of this presentation..

  • So proud of you Sir Ronald. Pride of RHS 👍👏

  • Mr. Ronald Lucasia , an alumni of Talairon National High School, Talairon, Oroquieta City, Misamis Occidental showed already his inclination towards Mathematics. In his high school days, he just worked silently in the corner but when he is called, he has the courage to present his ideas about the day’s lesson,

    . We highly hope that his works and other supplementary learning materials will be posted in LRMDS in the DepEd Website for replication.

    MABUHAY ka , Mr. Lucasia, you are worth emulating!

  • Mr. Ronald Lucasia , showed already inclination towards Mathematics during his high school days at Talairon National High School, Division of Oroquieta Csity.

    It is highly hope that his works and other materials will be posted in DepEd LRMDS so that other teachers can replicate in their respective classes.

    Mr. Lucasia, you are worth emulating. TNHS is very very proud of you. Keep up the good work!

    • Ronald Lucasia

      Madam Rosaline,the Education Program Supervisor of DepEd Oroquieta Region X maraming salamt sa mga naituro nyo po…I still remember (I hope you do hehehe) the moment we were drinking a glass of fresh buko in one of the leadership seminar , and you shared all your inspirational messages and advices to me as your supreme student government president that time, that brought me where I am now. See you very very soon madam..

  • Daisy Dolor

    Congratulations sir Ronald Lucasia… You deserve a very warm appreciation from all of us in Rizal High School. We are proud of you. One thing I admire you the most is that you never get tired in teaching and searching for new strategies 😉

    • Ronald Lucasia

      Wow nmn nkaka tats nmn ang coment…heheh thanks too ndi kau nagsawa kakakulit ko about sa MDI ni mam Precy hehe..

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