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Why learn and do lesson study

Grade 7 mathematics lesson study team of Sta Lucia High School, Pasig City. SY 2011-2012.

Lesson study is a school-based professional learning activity of teachers that involves collaborative development, implementation, analysis of the lesson (called a research lesson) and reflection as a means to learn and improve their teaching practice. It is about teachers taking charge of their own professional development.

Engaging in lesson study create opportunities for teachers to develop the following professional competencies of proficient and distinguished teacher as described in the Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers.


  • Highly Proficient Teachers consistently display a high level of performance in their teaching practice.

  • They manifest an in-depth and sophisticated understanding of the teaching and learning process.

  • They have high education-focused situation cognition, are more adept in problem solving and optimize
    opportunities gained from experience.

  • They provide support and mentoring to colleagues in their professional development, as well as work
    collaboratively with them to enhance the learning and practice potential of their colleagues.

  • They continually seek to develop their professional knowledge and practice by reflecting on their own needs, and those of their colleagues and students.


  • Distinguished Teachers embody the highest standard for teaching grounded in global best practices.

  • They exhibit exceptional capacity to improve their own teaching practice and that of others.

  • They are recognized as leaders in education, contributors to the profession and initiators of collaborations and partnerships.

  • They create lifelong impact in the lives of colleagues, students and others.

  • They consistently seek professional advancement and relevance in pursuit of teaching quality and excellence.

  • They exhibit commitment to inspire the education community and stakeholders for the improvement of education provision in the Philippines.

Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers (

Participate in the 1st National Convention on Lesson Study to learn more about this exciting school-based professional learning activity of teachers. Lesson study in higher education institution is also gaining ground.

Poster Presentation Guidelines

We encourage participants who are practitioners and researchers of lesson study to communicate and share their work in poster form. These works may include information about their lesson study works in schools or districts, research lessons, or research on lesson study.

In order for your poster to be considered for display during the two-day lesson study convention, you will need to submit an abstract describing what your poster is about and what you intend to communicate in the poster.

Authors submitting abstracts for the poster presentation should consider the following:

  1. The accuracy of the submitted abstract is the responsibility of the authors. Authors should proofread their abstracts prior to submission.
  2. The abstract should not be more than 300 words.
  3. Notifications of receipt and acceptance of abstract will be sent to the communicating authors.
  4. All presenters must pay the registration fee for the conference.
  5. If an abstract is accepted and the presenter does not register, the abstract will be withdrawn.

The deadline for submission is 25 March 2019.

Poster Presentation Guidelines

  • The posters will be exhibited on 11-12 April 2019.
  • The maximum recommended size for the poster is 4 feet (height) by 3 feet (width).
  • The registration staff will indicate the poster display area. Each presenter will be assigned a number corresponding to designated display board.
  • Posters should be set up in the morning of 11 April 2019 before the Opening Program or during breaktime. It should be removed immediately after the Closing Program.
  • At least one author must be present during the poster viewing.
  • The poster should meet the following criteria:
    1. The poster should include the following: title, name and affiliation of the authors with the name of the corresponding presenter underlined.
    2. The title should be the same as in the submitted abstract.
    3. The text should be in a large enough font size (20 point) to be read easily from a ( 4 ft), single spaced. It should also be concise enough to be read within 10 minutes.
    4. Section headings should be at least 36 point font size, boldface.
    5. Illustrations (photos, charts, graphs, etc.) and tables with proper legends and labels should be visible from a distance (around 5 x 7 feet).
    6. The poster should be displayed in a logical sequence (introduction/rationale development/content, conclusion).


  • Although not required, presenters may bring printed copies of their data. You may also provide sign-up sheets for attendees who may request for additional information.
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