DepEd Naga Capacity Building for Lesson Study Implementation in Mathematics through AusAid Funding

The Schools Division of Naga has recently received funding from the Basic Education Sector Transformation (BEST) for the implementation of lesson study in mathematics. The funding covers capacity building for teachers, actual implementation of lesson study in schools, sharing of best practices, and documentation and evaluation of the program. The first of this series of activity was a capacity building training conducted on 5-7 July 2018 where Dr. Levi Elipane, one of PALS Board of Trustee, was a speaker.

The following contains the details of the seminar workshop.

PALS Conducts Seminar-Workshop on Lesson Study in Pangasinan II

PALS, Inc. in partnership with the Division of Pangasinan II conducted a Seminar-Workshop on Developing Mathematical Thinking and Lesson Study on 19-21 January 2018 which was held at the Mangaldan Municipal Building in Mangaldan, Pangasinan. It was attended by 240 elementary school and high school mathematics teachers.

The speakers were Professor Shizumi Shimizu of Teikyu University, Japan, Dr. Erlina R. Ronda and Guillermo P. Bautista Jr. of the University of the Philippines National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Development (UP NISMED) and Ms. Maylani Galicia of the Department of Education-Albay.

Professor Shimizu talks about developing mathematical thinking

Prof. Shimizu discussed how to develop mathematical thinking in the classroom. Dr. Ronda, on the other hand, talked about lesson study as a professional learning activity system. In addition, Mr. Bautista presented a framework for classification of mathematical tasks, while Ms. Galicia shared her experiences and challenges in forming communities of practice in Albay through lesson study.

The teacher implements a lesson on parallel lines and transversals in the open class

Two teachers also implemented a lesson in an open class, one about Pythagorean Theorem and the other one about Parallel Lines and Transversals. An open class is an implementation of a lesson by one teacher and observed by other teachers from inside or outside the school. After the open class, a post lesson reflection and discussion was facilitated by Professor Shimizu and Dr. Ronda.

The seminar was concluded by awarding of certificates led by Fr. Onofre Innocencio, Presdent of PALS and Mr. Redentor B. Aquino, Education Program Supervisor of Mangaldan, Pangasinan.

PALS partners with DepEd Albay for a Two-Day Seminar on Mathematical Thinking

Professor Masami Isoda, one of the international advisers of PALS from Tsukuba University and  Dr. Erlina Ronda of UP NISMED served as resource speakers in the seminar on developing mathematical thinking. The seminar was in partnership with DepEd Albay Division as part of PALS, Inc first anniversary celebration. The said seminar was held 11-12 December 2017 at Casa Lorenzo in Daraga, ALbay.

The seminar was sponsored by DepEd Albay Division through its superintendent Dr. Bebiano Sentillas. One hundred sixty (160) mathematics teachers from Albay 11 from Ligao City Division attended the seminar.

The resource speakers with DepEd Albay officials

PALS Introduces Lesson Study to Don Bosco Teachers

The Philippine Association of Lesson and Learning Study (PALS) conducted a seminar on The What, Why, and How of Lessons Study on 9 December 2017 at the Don Bosco Technical Institute in Tarlac City. It was the first of PALS’ series of seminars to acquaint teachers about lesson study and how to conduct it in their schools. The speakers were Dr. Masami Isoda of the University of Tsukuba, Japan, Dr. Erlina R. Ronda and Dr. Aida Yap of the University of the Philippines National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Development (UP NISMED), and Ms. Maylani Galicia of the Department of Education, Division of Albay.

The seminar consists of four lectures and a workshop. Dr. Ronda introduced the lesson study as a form of school-based professional learning activity system. Dr. Isoda presented a research lesson studying students’ facial expressions. He also emphasized on how students use notebooks in Japan. Ms. Galicia on the other hand, shared her experiences in implementing lesson study at a school level when she was a department head and at the division level when she became a supervisor as well as the opportunities and challenges in forming communities of practice in Albay. Dr. Yap presented UP NISMED’s history in conducting lesson study in the Philippines since 2006. She also talked about how PALS was formed.

The workshop focused on formulating lessons study goals. Teachers were grouped by subject and each group was asked to formulate their lesson study goals. The seminar was concluded by awarding of certificates to the speakers and the participants which was led by Fr. Onofre Innocencio, President of PALS.

Sta Lucia High School teachers present their research in the WALS conference

L-R: Dr. Erlina Ronda, Mr. Gilbert Inocencio (Principal), Ms. Julie Reyes, Ms. Mineria Se (LS team members, presenters), Manuel Mirasol (LS Team Member)

Ms Mineria Se and Julie Reyes of Sta. Lucia High School presented their research at the World Association of Lesson Studies International Conference 2017 (WALS 2017) with the theme Bridging Research and Practice through Lesson Study.  The research, titled Adapting Lesson Study and Teaching Mathematics through Problem Solving: Tensions, Dilemmas, Opportunities, was a collaboration with Dr. Erlina Ronda of UP NISMED.

WALS is an international organization that aims to promote and advance the research and practices focused on Lesson Studies in order to improve the quality of teaching and learning. This year’s WALS conference was held on 24-27 November 2017 in Nagoya University with over 900 participants and 386 presentations from 38 countries. The participants were composed of educators, researchers and teachers doing and interested in lesson study.

Guided by the research question, What are the tensions, dilemmas and opportunities for learning in adapting lesson study?, Ms. Se and Ms. Reyes collected data from fifteen of their co-teachers through questionnaires and group interview.  These teachers had been involved in lesson study for three years. The research instruments were co-developed with Dr. Ronda.  The teacher-researchers themselves analyzed the data and presented the results from their perspective and from that of their co-teachers. Their presentation was well-received by the audience.  The study’s results resonated with the audience, especially those who are just starting their lesson study or initiating their teachers to lesson study as a school-based professional development.

With other educators interested to start lesson study in their country

Mr. Gilbert Inocencio, the principal of Sta. Lucia High School, gave his full support to the teachers not only for the research reported in the conference but also for the lesson study activities of the school.  The mathematics teachers of Sta. Lucia High School are all pioneer members of Philippine Association of Lesson and Learning Studies, Inc. (PALS).  Also, they have been presenting some of their work in conferences organized by UP NISMED, including those in 2013 and 2014. The mathematics department of Sta. Lucia High School was introduced by UP NISMED to the lesson study in 2010.  The teachers continued doing lesson study even after the project with NISMED ended in 2014.

By participating in the WALS conference, Ms. Reyes and Ms. Se, together with Mr. Inocencio and co-teacher Mr. Manuel Mirasol, earned their membership to this international organization for 2018.  This membership includes access to publications in the WALS journal, the International Journal for Lesson and Learning Studies.

WALS Opening Program

Said Ms. Se of her experience:

My experience as a paper presenter in Nagoya, Japan is the highlight of my career as a public school teacher.  I was challenged to give the best that I could as I share our output in front of the different races. The preparation was tough and I had many sleepless nights. However, during the presentation, all of my anxieties disappeared and I felt so accomplished after. It made me realize that Lesson Study really opens the door of possibilities and opportunities when embraced with openness coupled with willingness.

 Not even in my wildest imagination did I think that through lesson study I will be able to experience the beauty of Nagoya, Japan.  Truly, it was an amazing experience which I engraved in my heart.

Apart from Sta. Lucia High School, Rizal High School teachers also presented at the WALS conference.


Rizal High School teacher presents in the 2017 World Association of Lesson Studies Conference

Mr. Ronald Lucasia presented their lesson study research titled Adapting Mathematical Discourse in Instruction Framework for Planning and Analyzing Research Lessons at the World Association of Lesson Studies (WALS) International Conference. The conference, with the theme Bridging Research and Practice through Lesson Study, was held in Nagoya, Japan on 24-27 November 2017. WALS is an international organization of researchers, educators and teachers that aims to promote and advance the research and practices focused on Lesson Studies in order to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

Mr. Ronald Lucasia, Dr. Erlina Ronda and Ms. Revie Santos

Mr. Lucasia’s research was done in collaboration with Mrs. Priscilla Tuazon, Grade 7 mathematics coordinator of Rizal High School, and with Dr. Erlina R Ronda of UP NISMED. Dr. Ronda introduced them to Mathematical Discourse in Instruction (MDI) Framework which is a framework for planning and analyzing the quality of mathematics lesson made available to learn in a lesson. The teachers applied the framework in their lesson study with Grade 7 teachers of their school. In the study, they sought to answer the questions (1) What is the quality of mathematics that we make available to learn in our research lessons?, and (2) Which aspect of the MDI framework is helpful and productive for us? The method involved analyzing previous versions of their research lesson on division of monomials using the framework. They used their findings to guide them in their development of the new version of the lesson. The new version was implemented and the teachers reflected on the result and use of the framework.

Rizal High School was the very first school that UP NISMED introduced to lesson study in 2006 until 2009. Mrs. Revie Santos, the mathematics department head, has been encouraging teachers to continue doing lesson study. Mr. Lucasia and Mrs. Tuazon’s group is one of the lesson study teams of the school. With support from Mrs. Santos, who also mentored Mr. Lucasia in the preparation of the presentation, the latter was able to successfully present their work in Nagoya University during the WALS conference. His presentation attracted many WALS participants.

WALS Opening Program

Mr. Lucasia has this to say about his experience:

An Indelible Experience in Nagoya, Japan

Lesson Study opened for me an avenue of opportunities. One of those was a rare opportunity to be a paper presenter in the WALS 2017 which was held at the Nagoya University in Japan. It was a memorable experience for me, together with my department head, as I got to know a lot of researchers and educators from the 35 countries that participated in the said conference. We got to see the LS showcase by some of the western and eastern countries who were also paper presenters. Also, we learned how they successfully adopted LS. This is my first time to share how we adapted the framework (Mathematics Discourse in Instruction, MDI) when we planned and analyzed our research lesson. I was very happy when some of the researchers in the audience asked questions after my presentation. I take that as a good sign that they are interested in the presentation specifically the MDI framework. The presentation went smoothly. I can even see then the facial reaction and expression of the audience, telling me that they agree to what I was saying most especially about the explanatory talk of the teachers being imitated by the students. That conference was, for me, a learning and an unforgettable experience as we witnessed how the Japanese people showcase their culture.

Apart from Rizal High School, teachers from Sta Lucia High School, also of Pasig City Schools Division also presented their Lesson Study research in Nagoya.

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